History at every turn: A stroll through Lukang

lukangwenkaiEvery few months I write a travel or cultural piece for Les Isles (previously called En Voyage, and before that, Verve) the inflight magazine of EVA Air and its domestic and regional subsidiary, UNI Air. Among the destinations and themes I’ve covered for them over more than a decade are: Taiwanese opera; the historic side of Tainan; the Hakka township of Meinong in Greater Kaohsiung; Neimen’s Song Jiang Battle Array; indigenous cuisine; and Taiwan’s branch railways.

In the July 2018 edition of Les Isles, I have a 520-word article about Lukang, a place I never get tired of visiting or writing about. It can be read online here. The photo here shows part of Lukang’s Wenkai Academy.

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