3.5 Articles in Taiwan Business Topics

Three and a half articles. How is that possible?

You’ve perhaps guessed. One of the four features to bear my name in the December and January issues of Taiwan Business Topics was jointly written with Katy Hui-wen Hung, my long-time collaborator on food matters.

For the December issue, which focused on Taiwan’s tourism industry, I wrote about how the growing number of prosperous older travelers (both foreign and domestic) has huge potential to transform the sector, and what the authorities could do to ameliorate the feast-or-famine cycle that afflicts tourist destinations and businesses in Taiwan.

In this month’s magazine, Katy and I describe the history of three traditional sweet desserts in Taiwan: aiyu jelly; mesona jelly; and shaved ice. My solo effort looks into human consumption of insects (such as the dried crickets shown above; photo courtesy of Timothy Seekings), something I’d been investigating for several months with the kind help of researchers and entrepreneurs.

As I type this, I’m putting together two more articles for Taiwan Business Topics… but I won’t say what they’re about until they’ve been published.